While BTC Price Stagnates, BTC Miners Keep Profiting. It’s Time to Purchase This Mining Machine

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The highly anticipated fourth Bitcoin halving has been underway for a week,and we are pretty sure that many BTC miners have experienced an exciting and memorable week. Although the price of Bitcoin didn’t surge a few days after the halving, which reduced BTC production by half, miners are still making plentiful profits. On the halving day, the transaction volume soared to a new daily high of 107 million, with gas fees accounting for 75%. Yes, you read that right. Enthusiastic buyers were willing to pay transaction fees higher than BTC itself to acquire BTC (highlighting the consensus of BTC value).



As a result, we observed that the overall network hash rate remains above 600E (hovering around 660E before the halving), meaning that mining costs, even at a staggering $53,000 per Bitcoin after-halving, haven’t deterred machines with 30J/T power efficiency. They are still competing in the global hash rate pool— as long as the trading market is willing to offer sufficiently high gas fees.


With this being said, astute miners have likely realized the unpredictable nature of the BTC market and have plans to utilize the profits made from this round to get themselves prepared for the uncertain next phase. So, what kind of machines can withstand fluctuations in coin prices and gas fees, ensuring positive profits without being phased out by future downturns?


Behold, SCMINER highly recommends the ANTMINER S21 series—specifically, the ANTMINER S21 200T (17.5J/T) and the ANTMINER S21 Hyd 335T (16J/T).




The ANTMINER S21 boasts an power consumption of approximately 17.5J/T, producing around 0.000176 Bitcoins per day after the 2024 halving (click to purchase S21), while S21 Hyd, with a power consumption of approximately 16J/T, is one of the lowest energy-consuming models in history. After the 2024 halving, it produces around 0.0002948 Bitcoins per day (click to purchase S21 Hyd). Both models have been ordered by global mining giants sicne their release in August 2023. This is the choice for global mining giants to prepare for the future, and undoubtedly, it should be the choice for the intelligent you.


Finally, SCMINER would like to remind everyone that all investments come with risks, so decisions should be made cautiously.


All information above about ANTMINER S21 series has been compiled by SCMINER for our mining fellows. SCminer is the world’s most renowned international mining equipment trader and a core agent for manufacturers such as Bitmain and Goldshell, with the advantage of priority sales.SCminer’s sales team has been serving miners in dozens of countries globally since 2017, possessing ample experience and outstanding integrity to maximize your value!

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