The most powerful dogecoin miner ANTMINER L9 is here!

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Just now, SCminer’s good friend, Bitmain, officially announced the arrival of the ANTMINER L9, and declared that this ASIC miner capable of mining DOGE/LTC/BEL will be officially released in May 2024. The most exhilarating part is that the official energy efficiency of the L9 is as low as 0.21J/M, signifying that the ANTMINER L9 will be the latest flagship Dogecoin mining machine.



Although the company has not released more details yet, it is widely estimated in the industry that the L9 will have a hash rate of about 17~17.6GH/S and a power consumption of 3500W. When comparing the L9 with the similarly power-consuming previous Dogecoin mining champion, the L7 (for more details on the ANTMINER L7, please click here), the L7 currently mines approximately 116 Dogecoins per day, while the L9 is expected to mine about 207.6 Dogecoins per day. This means that although both machines have similar power usages, the profit of about $36 (data as of April 17, 2024).



On another note, let’s examine the price of Dogecoin. As the globally second-most famous cryptocurrency after BTC, the price of Dogecoin has soared since the start of 2024, climbing from 8 cents in February to a high of 22 cents in April. The continuously breaking new highs have greatly boosted people’s confidence, and the L7 has frequently sold out in recent months due to high demand. The forthcoming L9, set to be officially launched in May 2024, will undoubtedly become the most effective money-making tool for miners dedicated to mining Dogecoin. Miners interested in pre-ordering the ANTMINER L9 can now contact SCminer.



Lastly, SCminer wants to remind everyone that all investments carry risks and decisions should be made with caution.


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