Someone Claimed to Have Recovered 4,000 BTC from 2015? But the Truth Is…

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As a cryptocurrency miner, who doesn’t dream of striking it rich overnight? If miners want to become wealthy quickly, they usually have to hope for a sudden surge in coin prices. But have you ever considered that decrypting BTC locked in various addresses could also be a lucrative strategy? However, recovering lost BTC is very difficult, and most people can only fantasize about succeeding. But last month, a netizen from China claimed to have decrypted his father’s old Sony computer and recovered 4,000 bitcoins purchased in 2015! He even posted the wallet page and the recovery address, clearly showing a balance of 4,000 BTC!



As soon as this news was released, everyone involved in mining and trading cryptocurrencies, as well as spectators, was stirred up! 4,000 bitcoins are worth nearly $280 million today! How long has it been since we’ve heard such exciting news about striking it rich? Although the person in the story who became wealthy isn’t us, the news is still thrilling enough for other retail investors!


As expected, this good news spread quickly, and also as expected, it turned out to be a hoax… Perhaps to prevent a larger public reaction, the netizen who posted the news quickly clarified that it was just a joke of his own making, hoping that people wouldn’t take it seriously.


In fact, during the spread of the fake news, some netizens had already spotted deliberate errors left in the story. For example, the message mentioned that the old computer was a Sony, but the screenshot provided showed an Apple computer. Additionally, meticulous netizens checked the address given in the message and found that the several thousand bitcoins there were transferred in 2021, not in 2015.


Upon reflection, even when the price of BTC was at its lowest in 2015, around $200, 4,000 BTC would still have been worth $800,000. Who could be so careless as to forget about $800,000 in bitcoins? Alas, many miners are probably thinking now how great it would have been to hold coins when they were just $200. If they had stocked up on more coins then, with today’s price at $70,000 per BTC, they might have realized their dreams of wealth…


Nowadays, it’s unlikely that the price of BTC will ever drop back to $200, but in the not-too-distant future, it’s possible for bitcoin to rise from $70,000 to $200,000! Starting to hold and stock up on coins from today isn’t it still an opportunity to strike it rich?


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Finally, SC MINER would like to remind everyone that all investments carry risks, so decisions should be made cautiously.


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