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Half a month ago, SCMINER showcased the April money-making king ASIC – Goldshell AL BOX, with the world’s first batch of real machines. This machine once reached a daily profit of $130-140 in mid-April and still holds a prominent position on the profit leaderboard. Currently, this mining machine has begun shipping, and friends who pre-ordered with SCMINER will soon be one step ahead in reaping profits! (Click here to order now)


The AL BOX is like a dark horse, dazzling with its remarkable performance and energy-saving features. It supports the Alephium algorithm, with an astonishing hashrate of 360G, yet only consumes 180 watts of power, making it an unequivocal green money-making machine. In addition to its outstanding performance, it is also aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and compact, resembling a piece of art.


Description Goldshell AL BOX
Algorithm Blake 3
Hashrate 360GH/S
Wall Power 180W/h
Dimension 198×150×95mm
Net Weight 2.3kg
Noise level 30-35db


Extended Reading: About the ALPH Coin


The ALPH is the token of the Alephium project.Alephium is the first live Layer 1 sharded blockchain scaling and improving on Bitcoin core technologies, Proof of Work & UTXO. It delivers a highly performant, secure DeFi & Dapps platform with enhanced energy efficiency.


Mining is a core mechanism of the Alephium blockchain: it is the mechanism by which transaction records are added and verified across the network. The token also secures the Alephium network against DDoS and spam attacks via transaction fees payable in ALPH.


The theoretical maximum of ALPH is set at 1 billion.
Most ALPH (86% of the max supply or 860 million ALPH) will be mined over ~82 years (starting at mainnet launch in 2021).


Finally, SCMINER would like to remind everyone that all investments carry risks, so decisions should be made cautiously.


The above information about Goldshell AL BOX has been compiled by SCMINER for our mining friends. SCminer is an internationally renowned cryptocurrency mining machine trading company serving globally. We provide comprehensive, professional, timely, and cost-effective mining machine purchasing and hosting services to maximize your profits!

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