Is Dogecoin heading to a bull run? Any better options than Antminer L7?

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Recently, analyst Martinez predicted that Dogecoin is on the brink of a large-scale bull run. He mentioned that the current adjustment Dogecoin is undergoing is normal for meme tokens. A similar phenomenon also occurred during previous Dogecoin bull markets. In 2017, Dogecoin broke out of a descending triangle pattern. It plummeted by 40% before rising by 982%. A similar situation occurred in 2021, with a 56% slump before a 12,197% surge. Analyst Martinez believes that the current pullback in Dogecoin is once again a similar pattern of breakout, potentially triggering a large-scale bull run.


For the Dogecoin mining community, Martinez’s prediction is undoubtedly what everyone is looking forward to. And when it comes to the most popular ASIC miner among the Dogecoin community, most people would say the ANTMINER L7. The ANTMINER L7 (9.5GH) is a highly competitive mining machine launched by Bitmain in November 2021. It supports the Scrypt algorithm and is able to mine both Dogecoin and Litecoin simultaneously. Equipped with the BM1489 chip, it boasts a low power consumption of 0.36J/MH and has a very low deficiency rate. The ANTMINER L7 (9.5GH) is the most powerful Dogecoin mining machine to date and is currently at the forefront of profitability rank, making it one of the most profitable partners for

Dogecoin. (Click to buy)


If you’re wondering what can beat such an excellent machine, it can only be Bitmain itself. In mid-April 2024, Bitmain officially announced the birth of the ANTMINER L9 and announced that this ASIC miner, capable of mining DOGE/LTC/BEL, would be released in May 2024, with an power consumption of 0.21J/MH! This means that the ANTMINER L9 will replace the L7 as the latest representative of Dogecoin miner. If you haven’t heard of this high-profit machine yet, you gotta come to SC Miner and ask. SC Miner is now open for reservations for the ANTMINER L9. Contact us to learn about the Dogecoin mining solution that best suits your personal condition!



SC MINER is the world’s most renowned mining equipment trader and a major agent for manufacturers such as Bitmain and Goldshell. SC MINER’s sales team has been serving miners in dozens of countries since 2017, with ample experience and outstanding integrity to help you maximize your wealth!

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