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Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has now been around for 15 years, the price of a single Bitcoin has risen from the initial $0.0025 to today’s $73,000. People around the world have witnessed this tremendous change, with more and more people getting involved and changing their lives. However, many still view Bitcoin as something novel, mysterious, or even frightening. Today, SCminer will discuss some of these intriguing misconceptions.


Myth 1: Bitcoin mining wastes energy and harms the environment.

Truth: Many who hold this view think that Bitcoin mining consumes excessive electricity, generates heat, and emits carbon dioxide. In reality, all human production activities come with carbon emissions. Whether the energy consumption is excessive is a relative conclusion. People generally do not advocate using electricity intended for residential use for mining. Compared to using residential electricity, miners, especially in large-scale operations, prefer using clean energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, and geothermal power to support Bitcoin mining. This has led to more successful global development and utilization of clean energy than ever before.



Myth 2: Bitcoin mining is illegal.

Truth: The legal support or restrictions on Bitcoin mining and trading vary across different countries and regions. While a few countries or regions have banned Bitcoin mining and trading, a minority have recognized it as legal tender. In most countries, however, there is no opposition to it. The current trend shows that as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology gain wider recognition, many countries are gradually getting involved in Bitcoin-related affairs. It’s reported that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, led by the UAE and Bahrain, is actively positioning itself as a “global cryptocurrency hub.”



Myth 3: Bitcoin mining is too complicated for the average person.

Truth: While Bitcoin mining inherently involves large-scale computational tasks based on complex algorithms, ordinary people can mine effectively using professional ASIC miners and by joining mining pools. For instance, the Antminer T21, priced around $2750, produces approximately 0.0002945 Bitcoin per day, valued at about $19 (as of March 2024). What you need to prepare for this income is a miner, a suitable electricity environment, and joining a mining pool.



Myth 4: Owning a miner means you can get rich quickly.

Truth: While mining has indeed created many rags-to-riches stories, the reality is that mining earnings are influenced by Bitcoin prices, which are unpredictable. When Bitcoin prices surge, miners enjoy high returns and wealth accumulation seems easy. However, when prices are low, the profits from mining are considerably limited. And in times of a price crash, miners may even have to shut down their machines to avoid incurring more electricity costs. So, before becoming a miner, it’s important to fully understand these fluctuations.



Myth 5: Bitcoin is a man-made, false currency that can be issued in any quantity and has no real value.

Truth: In fact, no fiat currency, other than gold or silver, has ever guaranteed to never collapse, and the dollar is no exception. The significance of fiat money lies in facilitating value circulation, which is precisely what Bitcoin has achieved. Bitcoin has gained value recognition from many countries and people worldwide, who are willing to use it for direct transactions of real goods. As for over-issuing Bitcoin, there’s no need to worry, as it was designed from the outset to have a maximum of only 21 million coins. This fixed amount is akin to how the world’s central banks view the global gold supply as relatively stable and use their own gold reserves as a basis for how much currency they can issue. Therefore, Bitcoin will not be over-issued and has stable financial attributes.



The above information on Bitcoin mining has been compiled by SCminer for our miner friends. SCminer is an internationally renowned cryptocurrency mining machine trading company serving globally. We provide comprehensive, professional, timely, and cost-effective mining machine purchasing and hosting services to maximize your profits!

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