If you use 10 L7 miners to mine Dogecoin, how long will it take to mine one Cybertruck?

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In the first week of May, Tesla officially announced that some of its products support Dogecoin payments. Although this isn’t the first time Tesla or Musk has announced support for purchasing certain Tesla products with Dogecoin, what’s different this year from previous years is that in March, Musk hinted that in the future, it might also support purchasing Tesla cars with Dogecoin, not just merchandise. This undoubtedly represents a significant potential boon for Dogecoin holders.


The market’s confidence in Dogecoin is also fully evidenced in the ASIC miner profitability rankings, with Dogecoin being the highest-yielding coin among mainstream coins in ASIC miners. In the publicly available industry rankings, the static gross profit of ANTMINER L7 (9.5GH) is $9.9 per day. In the current situation of waiting for the bull market to arrive, it is the mainstream coin ASIC miner with the best profitability maintenance. Compared to a large number of miners who are waiting for the bull market to arrive and are currently mining BTC at a loss, miners using ANTMINER L7 to mine Dogecoin can be considered the least pressured mainstream coin miners.


The Antminer L7, launched by Bitmain in November 2021, is a highly competitive miner in terms of hash power and features. The L7 miner supports the Scrypt algorithm, allowing it to harvest Dogecoin and Litecoin based on the same algorithm, making it appear very cost-effective. Not only can one machine mine two types of coins simultaneously, but the ANTMINER L7 is also particularly efficient and low-consumption, with an energy efficiency ratio as low as 0.36 j/MH. What’s more reassuring is that, according to feedback from many miners, this machine has noticeably fewer after-sales issues. It seems that the L7 is undoubtedly the star player among all Dogecoin miners.


The above is the content about Dogecoin and ANTMINER L7 brought to you by SC MINER for miner friends. At the same time, we also remind everyone that investment carries risks, and decisions should be made cautiously.


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