Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity! The Most Profitable Miner Globally, AL BOX

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In April 2024, the most lucrative miner on the market has arrived! It earns an astonishing $130-140 daily! Miners, take notice! Today, SCminer, as Goldshell’s premier global distributor, proudly presents the AL BOX!


Goldshell is a globally renowned manufacturer of mining machines. The BOX series of home ASIC miners are among its most distinctive products. Just a few days ago, we introduced the Goldshell KA BOX, crafted for mining Kaspa coins. Now, we are excited to present the Goldshell AL BOX for mining ALPH coins. Initially planned for release in May 2024, SCminer, having received the device before anyone else globally, will feature the latest unboxing video in today’s article, allowing everyone a close-up look at the appearance and capabilities of the Goldshell AL BOX.



The video demonstrates that despite the Goldshell AL BOX being only the size of a lady’s handbag, its daily mining profits can reach a remarkable $130-140 (as of April 10, 2024). It has ascended to the top of the ASIC profitability charts, significantly outperforming all other professional mining machines. This may be a moment in home ASIC mining history that deserves to be highlighted. The Goldshell AL BOX not only leads in profitability across all types of miners but is also exceptionally user-friendly with its straightforward operation, compact size, quiet operation, and low power consumption, making it ideally suited for home mining. Here are the specifications for the Goldshell AL BOX:

description Goldshell AL BOX
Algorithm Blake 3
Hashrate 360GH/S
Wall Power 180W/h
Dimension 198×150×95mm
Net Weight 2.3kg
Noise level 30-35db


As one of the first global traders to stock the actual product, SCminer’s inventory is limited. Miners interested in this compact yet powerful machine should act quickly to secure their purchase on a first-come, first-served basis! For those looking to preorder, you can contact us  now, and SCminer will be one of the first globally to ship your miner. For more information or to leave your contact details, please visit our official website!


The above information about the Goldshell AL Box is curated by SCminer for our mining community. SCminer is an internationally renowned cryptocurrency mining machine trading company serving globally. We provide comprehensive, professional, timely, and cost-effective mining machine purchasing and hosting services to maximize your profits!

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