Do you know what Bitcoin Pizza Day is?

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In Bitcoin culture, pizza is a symbol that is both fun and of great significance. Why do people in the Bitcoin world celebrate May 22nd as Pizza Day? The story dates back to 2010.


In May of that year, Laszlo, a programmer from Florida, USA, began using GPUs instead of CPUs to mine Bitcoin, mining about 50 Bitcoins per hour. On May 17 alone, he mined 1,400 Bitcoins. On May 18, he posted online, offering 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. At that time, nobody thought Bitcoin could be exchanged for fiat currency, but this groundbreaking idea attracted a cryptography enthusiast named Jercos on May 22. Jercos spent $25 to buy two pizzas for Laszlo, receiving 10,000 Bitcoins in exchange. Thus, for the first time in human history, Bitcoin was priced: 10,000 BTC = $25. From then on, as we all know, Bitcoin began to exert its magic as a free currency in the real world.


This story has an interesting sequel. After discovering that exchanging Bitcoins for pizza was feasible, Laszlo spent another 40,000 Bitcoins on pizza. When the value of Bitcoin rose to $1, he decisively sold all his Bitcoins for a new computer. It is said that today Laszlo is still a programmer at GoRuck, an online retail company in Florida.


Similar stories of coin holders continue to unfold. Some early holders did not realize the value of Bitcoin and left many coins forgotten at some address. Others sold their holdings when the price of Bitcoin doubled or tripled, not waiting for it to increase by tens or hundreds of times. Bill Gates once said, “Real wealth = ideas + time.” It shows that acquiring wealth requires the test of time, and during this period, the gains and losses written on paper are the greatest test of your ideas and understanding.



Fourteen years later, Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies it spearheaded have had a profound and lasting impact on human society. Perhaps the coin price returning to $70,000 on May 21, 2024, is a festive gift for all holders. Today marks the 14th Bitcoin Pizza Day, and SC MINER wishes all miners continued surprising value gains in the world of Bitcoin. (click here to buy ANTMINER S21 HYD 335T)


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