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100G Iceriver KS0 65W Miner KAS Short Payback Period

100G Iceriver KS0 65W Miner KAS Short Payback Period

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Ice river

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100G Iceriver KS0 65W Miner KAS Short Payback Period

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Ice River
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Ice River
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Iceriver KS0 100G Description

The ice river series mining machine KS0 Miner was launched in April 2023, with a maximum computing power of 100G and a power consumption of 65W. It uses its maximum computing power to ensure transaction security and prevent unethical activities and network threats. The cooling system is equipped with high-quality fans that prevent the machine from overheating and maintain a consistent temperature during crypto mining. Therefore, the machine provides excellent performance and energy efficiency, greatly reduces the electricity cost of miners, improves the profit margin of miners, key parameters such as time computing power and power consumption, and allows miners to obtain a good mining experience. Capacity will depend on mining difficulty, Kaspa prices and electricity costs in your region.

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Company Profile

SCMINER Company Limited founded in 2017, has its headquarters in Chang Jiang Center, Long Hua District, ShenZhen, China, with maintenance, test factories and warehouse in ShenZhen, Hong Kong and Moscow. We have all together employ 100 people. Our company offer One-shop Exportation Service Of Brand-new ASIC Miners with Mature Logistics System Supports Global Delivery over 6 years experience. We have large inventory of most the Hot-selling Models in Stock. Our sales representatives is proficient in English, Russian, French and other languages, provides professional services to customers from all over the world.


Bitcoins For Beginners

Prospects of ASIC Mining Market

Bitcoin is widely accepted around the world, more and more nations and regions use it as a payment term. This means that even though Bitcoin's price fluctuates wildly, it remains an attractive investment method. Although the difficulty of mining is increasing gradually, the development of Bitcoin still unpredictable potential. At the same time, the halving of Bitcoin will push up the price of it, and lead the cryptocurrency market to the next round of prosperity as well. Risk and opportunity is head and tail.


Why Choose Us?

1. Brand new miners with competitive pricing

2. Offer one-shop exportation service of brand-new ASIC miners

3. Mature logistics system supports global delivery

4. Brand new miners with long-term warranty

5. Each machine is issued with the original factory code

6. Our sales team is proficient in English, Russian, French and other languages

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Purchasing Guidelines

1. ASIC miners prices changes quickly every day, please contact our sales representative to get the latest price and stock before ordering. Clicking here to talk to our sales.

2. Our sales representative will do a commercial invoice to you which includes the product value, shipping cost and other expenses;

3. The cargo will leave our warehouse within 48 hours after full payment. Our rich experience in shipment service ensures your cargo get delivered in shortest possible time;

4. If you choose to let your own freight forwarding agent to delivery the goods to you, please let the agent contact us for customs declaration issue after order paid.



A 365-day warranty is provided starting from the date the machine leave factory, not the date when you order. SCMINER only sells brand new machines with original factory code, which is all within the warranty period, the factory will take responsibility for any non-artificial quality problems.

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