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Home > Cases > SCMINER COMPANY LIMITIED Latest company case about Notice of Resignation离职通知书: Fairy - 胡可舒
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Notice of Resignation离职通知书: Fairy - 胡可舒


Latest company news about Notice of Resignation离职通知书: Fairy - 胡可舒

Dear Customers尊敬的客户,


We here to inform that Miss Fairy ( Chinese name HU FEI, Wechat / Telegram ID / WhatsApp ID: +86 15817261914 ) is no longer working for our company, our company has terminated the employment relationship with her from 29th December 2023. From this day on, all her business behavior and sales activities can not be represent of our company. Friendly reminder, any resigned personnel is not allowed to use our company's name, trademark and overalls for sales activities, which is illegal and constitutes an infringement. Please report it if found. 谨此通知,原我司外贸业务Fairy(中文名:胡菲,微信/ Telegram账号/ WhatsApp账号: +86 +86 15817261914)不再为我司工作,我司已于2023年12月29日起与她终止雇佣关系。即日起,她本人所有商业行为和销售活动并不能代表我司。友情提醒,任何离职人员不得使用我公司名称、商标、工作服进行销售活动,属违法行为,构成侵权,如有发现欢迎举报。






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