Antminer S21 Pro Now In Stock! First Launch Globally By SC MINER!

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If you ask Bitcoin miners which new miner they are most looking forward to in the second half of 2024, many will say the ANTMINER S21 PRO. This miner has an energy efficiency as low as 15J/TH and was launched with great anticipation by BITMAIN at the WDMS in March 2024. Today, SC MINER, as one of BITMAIN’s most important partners, has received the very first batch of this miner globally, even earlier than the official release date announced by BITMAIN. We welcome our miner friends to contact us for inquiries or purchases!


In addition to its outstanding energy efficiency, ANTMINER S21 PRO was described as having “the ability to deal with more challenging environments.” This means that even in hot areas like California or Texas in the USA, the S21 Pro can perform very efficiently.


After this year’s Chinese New Year, BITMAIN has successively launched the ANTMINER S21 series to address the Bitcoin halving happened in April 2024. This series has lived up to expectations and has become the strongest BTC miners available. Now the newly launched ANTMINER S21 PRO will be the strongest among them. Let’s take a look at the key specifications of this series:


EER(J/T) 15 18 16
Hashrate(T) 234 200 335
Power(W) 3510 3550 5360
Dimension(mm) 450*219*293 400*195*290 410*170*209


As you can see, under normal and stable mining conditions, the ANTMINER S21 series will be the most reliable companion for BTC miners through bull and bear markets. Currently, ANTMINER S21 PRO is listed at a futures price of $6,318 on BITMAIN’s official website. However, if you contact SC MINER, you will definitely receive a different and surprising price! In addition to the discounted price, you also have the chance to become one of the first miners in the world to acquire them, and take an early step in setting up for the bull market!


Lastly, SC MINER would like to remind everyone that all investments carry risks, so decisions should be made cautiously.


SC MINER is the world’s most renowned international mining equipment trader and a major agent for manufacturers such as Bitmain and Goldshell, with the advantage of priority sales. SC MINER’s sales team has been serving miners in dozens of countries globally since 2017, with sufficient experience and outstanding integrity to maximize your wealth!

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